UL® Class 350 1-Hour Fire Rating

Guarantees your critical paper documents are safe and protected in a fire.

Surface-Mounted Drawer Handle

To maximize internal filing capacity. Contemporary brushed stainless steel.

Drawer Suspensions

Heavy-duty and smooth-operating ball-bearing suspensions. Maintenance-free. Lateral cabinets also equipped with unique 3-arm SwayGard system.

Inner Steel Jacket, all drawer compartments

Provides structural integrity and keeps insulation material locked in.

Fully Insulated Drawer Compartments

If a drawer happens to be left open when fire breaks out, all other drawers will still be fully protected.

Key-Operated Push Lock

Effective. Secure.

Field Replaceable Panels

Laterals only.

Exclusive Gard-Lite Insulation

Proprietary mixture in our UL®-certified design that ensures your vital paper records are protected and safe in a potentially devastating fire.

Textured Finish

Durable. Scratch-Resistant. Contemporary Colours

Lock Bypass Feature

Allows the user to choose which drawers are locked when the lock is engaged. Selected drawers remain accessible while the rest are locked.

Full-Height Drawer Bodies

No need for separate filing frames. Equipped to handle letter, legal and A4 hanging file folders.

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